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The city of Godzilla

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Ok well its been a while since our last update. We last left you at the Iga Ueno ninjas which is in the Kansai region (near Kyoto and Osaka)

Well following that day we caught the Shinkasen (super fast bullet train) straight to Tokyo travelling at speeds of about 300kph!!

Tokyo has been a stark contrast compared to Kyoto. Where Kyoto was rich in old history, beautiful temples, and beautiful scenery - Tokyo is futuristic, neon coloured, sky scraper, madness.

Arriving to Tokyo station on the first day we were completely lost in the train system. We got too excited and caught the first train that appeared in front of us and it took us south towards Yokohoma. After we figured out the system a little better we ended up at our accomodation in Asakusa (also known as Old Tokyo).

Our first day we checked out our district and found a really nice market that runs down a street for about 500 meters and at the end of the street is a big temple. That night we cruised over to Shibuya and checked out the famous Shibuya crossing. It was pretty amazing. The sky was filled with skyscrapers and neon lights and plasma screen advertisements everywhere. After we had a coffee there at Starbucks which looks over the crossing we headed over to the Shinjuku district to check out the Tokyo night life. We found a nice Irish pub where we drowned in about half a dozen beers and then stumbled our way back to bed.

Our second day was a bit more exciting when a typhoon decided to rain down on Tokyo. Never-the-less we continued exploring. We went first to Akihabara (electric town) and checked out the crazy apartment stores, where about ten thousand different type of mobile phones, toasters, computers, and games were for sale. That night Brad and I decided we wanted KFC and we were going to catch a train to find it. Josh tagged along reluctently and then the most craziest thing happened.

Of the hundreds of trains that run through the subway in Tokyo each night we jumped on the one that was carrying a foreigners Halloween party enterourage. It was seriously insane. Our train carriage had about 100 people in it wearing the most outlandish costumes you have ever seen and drinking copious ammounts of alcohol. There were yellow power rangers, big green frog suits, dragonball z characters, men wearing thongs with bow ties, Guy Fawkes masks, Pokemon.... yeah it was pretty epic. Dont worry we took a lot of photos so youre not missing out.

Our third day fell on a Sunday. The Harajuku district on a Sunday is famous for the Cosplay that goes on there. For those unaware Cosplay is the act of dressing up as a famous character, icon, or fashion and playing or acting in that role. We found the place which just sits on a walk way bridge just behind the train station. It was pretty surprising what we found there. Lots of teenage girls, were sitting around in groups eating cake. They were dressed up in some pretty crazy costumes and posing for the cameras. Most of them were wearing Anime style goth type clothing. And in the middle of all the craziness was this guy who was singing U2 songs at the top of his voice with a backing track.

That night we went to do our laundry. While we waited for the washing machines we decided to find a diner or cafe to wait in. We stumbled into the nearest place and found it occupied by only 3 elderly Japanese locals. We sat down regardless and ordered a round of beers.... 1 hour later we were singing karaoke and having a merry time with the locals and calling out 'Kampai!' (Cheers!) everytime another round was ordered.

Today we woke early to head over to the Tsujuki Fish markets. The place was chaos. There was just action happening everywhere. People rushing around on electric carts, ice being tossed everywhere, giant tuna the size of a man, and plenty of tentacles. After the fish markets we jumped on the monorail and headed over to the Odabai district which is famous for hosting some pretty awesome buildings, a man mad beach, rainbow bridge, museums, and Pallette town. We went to the science museum which was pretty awesome because of the robot demonstrations. I got some cool footage to show you of some of the robots that were on display.

Well thats all folks.... Tomorrow we will be going to Disneyland so keep checking our blog for more updates.


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Im glad you guys are haveing a great time. Its my turn to say Sayanora as im heading to Malaysia for a couple of days before heading back Home. It was unfortunate we couldnt catch up Kyoto or Tokyo Josh.... Haha cant believe how big TOKYO was LOL.. i Always though Japan being a small place! We catch up when we are both back at work. Another thing.. Stu told me there is a Band7 position going for the Unix team if u have any interest send him a quick email.

Have fun and Sayanora.

by siritiger

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